What is a Wilo Pump?

A Wilo pump is the product of WILO SE. A European company with American affiliates, it manufactures both pumps and pump systems for Commercial, Industrial and Municipal uses. Depending upon the type and model of pump, it provides the means for transporting and/or handling such tasks as:

  • Sewage Collection and treatment
  • Storm Water
  • Raw Water
  • Dewatering

If the materials to be transported are corrosive and/or toxic, the pump is coated with a proprietary material – WILO-Ceram C0.

The staff at Rapid Pump & Meter Service Co., Inc. can help you decide whether Wilo pumps are suitable for your company’s project in New York. In particular, they can discuss the merits of the Wilo-EMU FA submersible sewage pump. It is employed for a variety of drainage and sewage applications.

How Does a Wilo Smart Pump Work?

Wilo employs the latest technology to ensure its customers receive the best product possible. Realizing the importance of saving energy, it has produced the world’s first smart pumps. These highly efficient pumps reduce energy consumption by utilizing ECM (Electronic Commutated Motor) technology as well as an integrated variable speed drive. Its settings, including Dynamic Adapt Plus, automatically ensure it will adapt to whatever requirements your system may have.

In Wilo pumps are increasing the efficiency of fluid circulation by monitoring its circulation and fine-tuning it in any zone. Wilo Pimps New York and Wilo Pumps in New Jersey, are available through Rapid Pump & Meter Service Co., Inc.

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