Industrial Sector Services

At Rapid Pump and Meter Service Co. and Machinery Services Co., we can provide a wide array of services for industrial sector customers, including repair, reconditioning, and modification, and consulting for various pump requirements.

Industrial Repair, New Installations, and Replacements

Our local repair facilities are available for dependable and fast repairs of your industrial pumping systems. We have fully capable machine shops housed within 87,000 square feet of facilities in Paterson, Wall Township, New Jersey & NYC. We offer on-site repair services, in addition, to pick up and reinstallation of pump equipment for repairs at our facilities. The services we offer for industrial sector clients include:

  • Submersible Sewage and Dewatering
  • Well Pumps
  • End Suction Centrifugal
  • Wet Well Cleaning and Restoration
  • Rotating Equipment Repairs
  • Oil Skimmer Systems
  • Positive Displacement¬†
  • Line Shaft Turbine
  • Booster Pumps
  • Electronic Controls
  • Split Case
  • Vertical Sewage and Dewatering
  • Optical and Laser Alignment
  • UV Disinfection Systems
  • Chemical Feed
  • And Much More!

Ongoing Industrial Maintenance

We also offer continuing maintenance for industrial pump systems. Our team can ensure your maintenance needs are kept up-to-date and your pumping systems operate efficiently. We provide regularly scheduled preventative maintenance services to ensure the long-term viability and efficiency of your equipment. Our team can formulate a planned maintenance program that matches the need of your pumping system.

Our maintenance services will examine the condition of your system and serve the routine operational requirements of preventative maintenance in addition to looking for indications of potential future problems that could lead to pump system failure. This could include signs of wear, vibrations, lubrication usage, heat generation, noise, speed, pressure, leakage, strain, flow, power consumption, or fugitive emissions.

Contact Us for Municipal Pump, Control, and Plant Services

For more information about the wide range of industrial sector services we offer for pumps, instrumentation, machine, and plant services, we offer in New Jersey and beyond, give us a call today at 973.345.5600 or leave us a message through our contact form.