What is a Sewage Pumping Station?

At Rapid Pump & Meter Co. and Machinery Services Co., we are your premier source in New Jersey, the Metro New York area, in addition to Philadelphia and eastern Pennsylvania for sewage pump station services. This includes the design, repair, maintenance, and installation of these stations. Below we look at various aspects of sewage pumps and sewage pumping stations.

Operation of a Sewage Pumping Station

Sewage pumping stations consist of various components that all work together to convey sewage from one location to another. As sewage accumulates inside of a container, it eventually reaches a specified level that triggers a switch that engages a pump.

Sewage pumps produce the necessary pressure to force the sewage from the tank either horizontally or uphill via piping in the direction of the main sewer line. The switch also turns off automatically when the transfer of sewage is complete.

Do You Need a Sewage Pump Station?

A sewage pumping station with a Myers sewage pump or other type of pump is necessary when the conditions of the terrain will not allow gravity to move the sewage out to the main sewer line. This is generally the case when the piping leading to the main sewer line travels horizontally or uphill from the location of the bathroom at the lowest elevation on the property, such as in a basement.

A sewage pumping station may be helpful if the sewer line traverses over bumps or ridges along the path to the main sewer line, or if the cost of changing the terrain would be cost prohibitive. Purchasing a pumping station may be less expensive that the installation of a new sewage system that utilizes gravity flow.

Maintenance of Sewage Pump Stations

Pump stations and sewage pumps require regular inspection and maintenance due to all the mechanical components and equipment they include. Routine maintenance can help ensure optimum efficiency and performance of equipment, prevent breakdowns, and prolong service life.

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