What are the Different Types of Industrial Grinder Pumps?

The plumbing system in a building is designed to convey wastewater to a public sewer main, which is then transported to a wastewater treatment plant, and then finally returned to the environment in a disinfected condition.

Sewage pumps and sewage grinder pumps are useful when the sewer line elevation of a home or business is lower than the sewer main elevation. At Rapid Pump & Meter Co. and Machinery Services Co., we offer an array of Myers grinder pumps that are designed to operate efficiently for various industrial and commercial applications.

With grinder pumps New York and Philadelphia, PA service providers have an effective piece of machinery that is crucial in the wastewater collection and cleaning process. These pumps are usually positioned in tank and buried, either outdoors or in basement. The process in which these tanks operate is as follows:

After water use, the wastewater is collected and stored in a tank. Once a certain level of wastewater is reached in the holding tank, the pump activates and pumps the wastewater into the sewer system.

A regular pump cannot handle certain waste items, such as towels, diapers, or articles of clothing. Pipes will clog if these items are larger than the pipe’s diameter. Grinder pumps are effective at grinding this type of waste into a fine slurry that can flow through the piping system that leads to the sewer.

Common types of industrial grinder pumps include:

Single Stage Centrifugal

This type of grinder pump has a single impeller that spins on a shaft. The pumping action is powered by a motor. As the wastewater is pumped out of a holding basin, cutters shred, grind, and cut the material it contains. These single stage centrifugal grinder pumps are often used in applications involving low discharge heights of under 90 feet.

Two Stage Centrifugal

This type of centrifugal grinder pump is similar to the single stage type mentioned above, except that it features two impellers instead of only one. These grinder pumps are often used for applications that requiring a greater lift range for discharge, typically up to about 140 feet.

Semi-Positive Displacement

This type of grinder pump operates by a motor that rotates a stainless steel screw-type of rotor that produces a pumping actions as it spins inside of a rubber stator. A semi-positive displacement grinder pump enables greater pumping heights as it squeezes materials within the rubber stator that pumps wastewater out of the basin through the pump. These grinder pumps are often used when the lift range of the discharge required is in the 140 feet range, or at times higher.

When it comes to grinder pumps Philadelphia, PA and New York companies or municipalities that use, operate, or install these pumps can choose from among our quality selection of Myers grinder pumps.

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