Turnkey Plant Relocation Services

At Rapid Pump & Meter Service Co., Inc. and Machinery Services Corp., we are your trusted provider of turnkey plant relocations in New Jersey and surrounding areas. Companies that require this service rely on us to achieve efficient relocations of their plants, including all associated Industrial Machines, Pumps and other equipment.

What is Turnkey Plant Relocation?

The relocation of a plant is a considerable and complex project. Various services are involved in the completion of such an undertaking. A turnkey plant relocation is patterned somewhat after the design/build concept in construction. Turnkey industrial plant service companies have the resources and experience to carry out all stages of a plant relocation project.

There are a number of benefits provided through turnkey plant relocation services, including:

Cost-effective and Safe

The safe relocation of large industrial equipment requires professional skill and experience. Turnkey plant relocations performed by an experienced turnkey industrial service provider will provide removal, dismantling, expert crating, and transport.

With a professional turnkey plant relocation company handling your plant relocation, you can save time and money through efficient processes that control the cost of labor.

Streamlined and On-Time Process

A turnkey industrial plant services company can ensure streamlined communications and coordinated logistics. The entire process from rigging and disassembly to transport and installation at the new site is synchronized to ensure your new plant begins operations on schedule.

You can count on quick and efficient, customized solutions from a turnkey plant relocation provider when unanticipated issues arise. The effect of this is to minimize the downtime of your operations.

Our Turnkey Plant Relocation Services

We provide turnkey installations that are efficient and seamless based on our extensive experience handling these requirements for industrial clients. If you work with multiple subcontractors as opposed to a single turnkey plant service company, you may incur significant difficulties and costs.

Through our project management and turnkey capabilities, we aim to eliminate the hassles that can occur with the attempt to coordinate many assignments among a group of subcontractors. We retain approximately 75 employees who are able to handle the complete scope of your plant relocation needs, including project management, electrical, and mechanical requirements.

To learn about the turnkey services for plant relocations we offer in New Jersey and beyond, give us a call today at 973.345.5600 or leave us a message through our contact form.

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