The Importance of Industrial Grinders

Material grinding – also referred to as attrition milling – involves the mechanical breakdown of materials into finer particles. Many industrial processes utilize this as an essential step. Grinding is a sub-category of cutting and is applied in the process of cutting metal. At Rapid Pump & Meter Service Co., Inc. and Machinery Services Corp. in New Jersey, we are your experienced source for industrial grinders. New Jersey customers and beyond can choose among our grinder options that include the SHRED Series Industrial Grinders and HYDRO Series In-Line/Open Channel Grinders.

Industrial grinding is used in the mining industry to extract metals such as gold from surrounding rock. But this process is also used for other purposes mentioned below:

To Change the Reaction of Processes

Various industrial processes make use of material grinding machines. Industrial grinders are used outside of the mining industry for multiple purposes, including to change process reactions. An example includes how smaller particle sizes increase surface area which in turn can reduce the temperature at which a reaction takes place or to improve the speed of the reaction.

Create Nanostructured Materials

Industrial grinders can also produce nanostructured materials simply and cost-effectively. The balance between the dislocation motion and the plastic deformation of the material must be considered regarding the creation of nanostructured materials during mechanical milling. This will help determine if grinding is the proper way to obtain nanoscale materials.

Through a strictly mechanical process, as in the case of the creation of nanomaterials, some materials are challenging to grind down to very fine particulate sizes. Therefore, in certain cases, including when breaking down pigments and other organic substances, wet milling may be used to further reduce particle sizes even more than is possible through dry milling.

Wet milling creates a dry slurry. The process sends the material into a liquid medium as it is mechanically crushed. Depending on the requirements of the material, the liquid may be evaporated after the grinding process is finished.

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