Sewage Pumps and Their Care

Sewage pumps are not sump pumps. In New York, commercial businesses, industrial companies and municipalities use them to remove not only wastewater but also liquid and solid waste to a sewage system or septic tank. They are constructed to handle different sizes of materials flushed down the toilet or from various other industrial and commercial applications. To achieve this goal, they utilize gravity.

Two types of sewage pumps are common in New Jersey and surrounding areas. These are effluent pumps and grinder pumps. Many are categorized by methods of waste removal including:

  • Agitator pumps – utilizing kinetic energy
  • Centrifugal pumps – using centrifugal force
  • Macerator pumps – are used to empty the sewage from its holding tanks


If installed correctly, the sewage system will not demand copious attention. A regular check-up will ensure its continuance. However, this does not mean you cannot ensure its smooth operation. Some actions you can take are:

  • Do not flush down materials or objects that are not flushable
  • Never flush down large objects
  • Do not empty kitty litter or pet waste into the toilet

Overall, remember, the toilet is NOT a garbage disposal unit.

Here, at Rapid Pump & Meter Service Co., Inc., our experts can help you choose the right sewage pump from among the various ones we offer, the one meeting your specific application and requirements. We also can provide you with more information on dos and don’ts to ensure sewage pumps in New York, New Jersey and surrounding areas, perform to their optimal capabilities.

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