Pump Station Repair vs. Replacement

As a plant or pump station operator or engineer, you want your equipment on site to operate efficiently for many years to come. When it comes to lift station pump repair, New Jersey pump station operators expect exceptional quality repairs they can rely on for the long term. In other cases, it may become necessary to replace the entire pump station. New Jersey, New York and surrounding area customers are served by our team at Rapid Pump and Meter Service Co., Inc. and Machinery Services Corp. that can do both. We offer efficient water and wastewater solutions for contractors, engineers, and developers for commercial, municipal, and industrial applications.

Pump Replacement

If a new development is being performed on an existing plant and if the pump station was added with the last decade, the average daily flow rate should be evaluated to determine if the plant could handle a greater flow rate. If the increased demands are too high, you may need to replace the pumps or even the pump station. The reason for pump station problems could be that the pump station is close to the end of its service life. This may be due to a higher quantity of solids in the waste stream or H2S corrosion.

Pump Repair

When it comes to lift station pumps with mechanical seal issues, replacing the individual parts of the system can address the issue. However, if a new development or new infrastructure requires support, regardless of how well the existing equipment is operating, it will probably need to be replaced since it is not designed to handle the new capacity to be produced by the new development.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Mandating Replacement

Sometimes EPA will mandate replacements of equipment to municipalities that have degrading infrastructure. The budgets of municipalities play a part in the decisions to repair or replace systems.

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