Find Industrial Machine Repair and Maintenance Services

When you have industrial machinery to operate, finding reliable machine repair and maintenance services are a must. When it comes to industrial machine repair, New York and Philadelphia, PA customers can benefit from the best in the industry.

At Rapid Pump & Meter Co. and Machinery Services Co., we offer an extensive array of repair and maintenance services for various types of machinery, and particularly those related to pump stations and associated equipment.

Industrial Machine Maintenance

As a seasoned maintenance and repair service provider, our team offers reliable maintenance services for industrial machinery related to industrial pumping systems. When it comes to industrial machine maintenance, New York, Philadelphia, PA, and surrounding area operations can benefit from our experienced machine maintenance services.

We can help ensure your pumping systems and units are performing at the highest level of efficiency possible. Our team provides maintenance on a routine basis to prevent smaller issues from turning into larger, more expensive repair issues. We offer planned maintenance programs to meet your specific maintenance requirements.

Our team of maintenance personnel can carefully review the operating status of your equipment and provide any required maintenance. This may include looking for any potential issues that may lead to pumps malfunctioning or breaking down.

The various signs we may look for include pressure, lubrication use, heat, speed, vibrations, noise, power consumption, speed, flow, and fugitive emissions.

Industrial Machine Repair

The industrial and mechanical contracting services we offer include reliable and fast repairs through the local repair facilities we operate to fulfill industrial pumping system requirements.

We operate machine shop facilities inside of an 87,000 square feet footprint located in Paterson, Wall Township, New York City. Also, we offer on-site repair that includes pump machinery pickup and reinstallation services.

Fast and Comprehensive Repair and Maintenance Services

We offer provide comprehensive and fast repair work for sewage pumps, including malfunction and inefficient operation issues. Whether you need routine preventative maintenance or large, urgent plant repair, new equipment design, new equipment installations, or emergency service and repairs, we have you covered.

For more information about the industrial machine maintenance and repair services we offer for various types of machinery, including pumps and instrumentation, visit our maintenance and repair services page, give us a call today at 973.345.5600 or send us a message through our contact form.

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