Why it is Important to Exercise Your Valves

We all like to get our exercise and so do your VALVES!

Inevitably we all receive the call, slightly panicky, more than annoyed, it’s from one of your team-members, they needed to isolate the system and that brave valve that has been tucked away in a corner, in a manhole or some other dark, dingy, wet environment suffering silently, will not turn no matter how big a wrench you use or the handle just flat out broke off the valve stem. Now you need to look into valve repair.


When was the last time you exercised those valves? Do you have a valve exercising program? Do you even know where all those valves are?

Some things to consider:

Locate the valves: Physically locate the valves and match them up with the current paper maps. If you have to mark up those maps and get them updated do it. We need to know where those valves are!

Exercise those valves! Nothing is worse than a valve that will not turn. Fully open and close those valves, count how many turns to fully open and close the valve, make sure every part is operable, bonnet nut, discs etc.. And how much torque it requires.

Record keeping: maintain meticulous records of the valves, what model 

and size is the valve, when was the last time you replaced the valve etc. ,date you exercised it  and most importantly one can never have enough photos of the valve, photos can help you visually the impact over time, familiarize new team member  with the location and work conditions

Scheduling repairs and budgeting: A good valve exercise program can help you forecast planned outages where you can repair or replace valves on YOUR SCHEDULE as well as help to reduce those unnecessary and costly premature failures

Most importantly, get started on a valve exercising program right away!  If you do not have the manpower or equipment to exercise the valves yourselves, hire a subcontractor to do the work for you. Oftentimes it turns out to be less expensive than doing the work yourselves.

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