Common Sewage Pumping Station Problems

Sewage systems utilize pipe networks that send waste from a property to the main sewer. The transport of the waste to the sewer often occurs through the force of gravity as the waste flows downhill. In the case when the property is located at a lower elevation than the main sewer, the gravity method will not work. This is when a pumping station is required. At Rapid Pump and Meter Service Co., Inc., we are your source for reliable sewage pump repair and sewage pump maintenance. New Jersey residents look to us for sewage pumping solutions.

Regardless of how well-performing your pumping system has been, there is always the possibility of a problem occurring at some point. This why routine pumping station maintenance beneficial. It is also helpful to be aware of some of the common issues that can arise with these systems. These include:

Although pumps are manufactured and installed in such a way as to minimize the possibility of blockages, they can still occur. Certain substances such as oils, fats, and other similar waxy materials, when flushed down a toilet, can potentially solidify and clog up the system. Other objects such as paper towels and heavier items may also clog pipes, causing the toilet to back up.

Pump Failing to Start

Sewage pump maintenance is important to prevent pump issue. If a pump will not start, the reason may include lack of electricity going to the pump, debris blocking the impeller, a broken pump, or blockage in the pump that damages the electrical system. Sewage pump maintenance may

Pump Failing to Shut Off

When a pump will not stop, often there is a malfunction with the control float switch, with it getting stuck in a position that keeps the pump on. One sign that the pump is not turning off at normal times is an unusual jump in your electricity bill.

Broken Pipes

Some of the signs that you may have broken pipes include slow drains, toilet backing up, foundation cracks, and mold problems. Regular inspections and maintenance may discover and fix these problems, prevent them from becoming more expensive.

If you need repairs or replacements of sewage pumps, in New Jersey and the surrounding regions the sewage pump professionals at Rapid Pump and Meter Service Co., Inc. are ready to help.

For information about the maintenance and repair solutions we offer for sewage pumps and systems, call our team in Northern New Jersey today at 973.345.5600 or complete our contact form.

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