What is really happening to your pumps because of flushed wipes

Emergency Service to Fix your Clogged Pumps

Municipalities and Wastewater Companies across New Jersey and the Tri-State Region have been warning about flushing so-called “flushable wipes” because of the damage they are causing to our sewer infrastructure. The wipes manufacturers are promoting their wipes as flushable but there is no way to understand what happens to them in our water systems until you see a picture like this.

This problem is only getting worse with the dramatic increased use of cleaning wipes and rags due to COVID-19. We are seeing this across many Water Treatment Plants in New Jersey and New York

Rapid Pump & Meter Service Co., Inc. and Machinery Services Corp. is available 24 hours a day should Emergency situations arise with flushable wipes disabling your pump systems and we can be on site in 4 hours or less from first contact.

Since its inception in 1960, Rapid Pump & Meter Service Co., Inc. has been providing sales, repair, installation and service in the water and wastewater industries.

Diverse experience and technical expertise assures customers of the best service, quality and value in the market today. A comprehensive expertise in electrical, electronic and mechanical services assures accurate response to our customer needs. A fully equipped shop facility and extensive service fleet guarantees Rapid Response and the best service available.

We offer a range of preventative and maintenance services including;

  • Pump Station Inspections
  • Wet Well Pumping and Cleaning
  • Screen Raking and Debris Removal
  • Cutter Inspections and Replacements
  • Pressure Washing Cleanings
  • Reverse Rotations to Release Obstructions

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