Stay Compliant with Generator Monitoring

Rapid Pump and Meter Service Co., Inc. Offers the #1 Selling Cellular based generator monitoring system in the country

Gen-tracker generator monitoring prevents you from incurring fines for running the generator on bad air quality days issued by the STATE. One of the services we provide is to check the air quality according to EPA guidelines prior to exercising the unit.

Most people do not realize that although air quality can be good the day of the exercise, if the forecast is bad at 4pm on the day PRIOR to exercise you cannot run the machine. This is why we monitor generators.

Did you know that over 90% of generator failures occur during the regular exercise. That’s information you need long before an emergency or outage. Working together with Rapid Pump and Meter Service Co., Inc. and their skilled Service team we will get instant notification when a problem arises.  Whether you have one generator or a dozen. Generator monitoring helps prevent these unexpected failures.

Gen-Tracker generator monitoring system is designed to provide the necessary information that your generator is working when it should, as it should and performing how it should.

What does Gen-Tracker generator monitoring provide?

  • Peace of mind. You’ll know your generator is being monitored by Rapid Pump and Meter Service Co., Inc. every minute of every day.
  • It’s Universal. Any generator can be tracked and monitored with Gen-Tracker.
  • The system is cellular based, so IT involvement is not required
  • Reports. Receive e-mail or text documentation of all generator activity including:
    • Run Time
    • Transfer Switch Position
    • Faults
    • Loss of Building Power
    • Exercise Periods
    • Monthly log reports
  • Dependability. Gen-Tracker systems have a proven track record.
  • Web-based History Log. We can check your generator from anywhere anytime via the internet.
  • Low cost installation and low annual generator monitoring fee.

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